Welcome to the Student Volunteer Page

We welcome high school student volunteers.  Students can apply to be a volunteer and receive community service hours by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator - Beth Alexander at 754 322-4717 or beth.aleaxander@browardschool.com
Student volunteers must have submitted a completed volunteer application prior to registering to volunteer. Volunteer applications can be submitted in person at the front office.
This website will list available classroom and office assignments. However, feel free to contact the school as some assignments may not be listed but available.
Expectations of Student Volunteers: 
1.  When on Sunrise MS Campus you are a visitor and are expected to stay with the teacher you are assigned to work with.
2. Student Volunteers are expected to dress appropriately.  Professional Caual & Shorts just above the knee are allowed, no flip-flops, low cut shirts or sleeveless shirts.
3.  Student Volunteers may not be allowed to volunteer if dress inappropriately.
4.  Student Volunteers may use the snack machines however, the school cafeteria is off limits to Student Volunteers. You'll have to bring your own lunch/snack to eat in our outdoor picnic benches or in the back media lunch room.
5.  While on campus Student Volunteers can not use a cellphone in a classroom, hallway or in the presence of SMS students.
Thank You For Volunteering at Sunrise Middle