President:                             Lori Franke
Sponsorship Chair:                Sarah O'Brien
VP Membership                     Jen White
Treasurer:                            Kirk Franke
Secretary:                            Shauna Capi


What is the PTSA?

PTSA is an organization made up of parents, teachers, and students around the state who have a special interest in children, families, and schools. By joining the PTSA, a member automatically becomes part of the child-advocacy organization in the state.

Frequently asked Questions

1. If I joined the PTA last year is my membership valid for this year?
No, each membership is only valid for one year.

2. Can my husband and I join under one name/Email address?

 Each membership is per person.  

3. If I join the PTA do I need to volunteer?

No. PTSA dues cover our membership dues to the National and Florida PTA. Being a member of our PTSA helps support our school. PTSA Members can volunteer as little, or as much, as they can!